How To Connect Brother Printer to Laptop?

If you don’t have any idea on how to connect your brother printer to laptop. Then we are here to discuss the issue with you in complete simple terms. These brother printers use wireless connection technology to connect with the laptops. This wireless technology creates are a bridge between the laptop and the printer. 

Have You Ever Connected A Wireless Printer To Your Laptop?

To connect your printer to the laptop you need to have a setup that allows the printer to have the connection seamlessly. Once the connection is made between your laptop and printer then it is an easy task to perform. 

In addition, if you wanted to access the printer remotely all you need is to have formal approval from the administrator that allows the printer to accepts the prints remotely. Further, once the connection setup is created and installed it will remain intact until or unless there are some alterations in the protocols or password settings are changed.

How To Connect Brother Printer to laptop


To create a wireless connection with the printer, there must be a wireless connection card capable laptop is required in the first place. Almost every laptop that belongs to the 4th + generation is capable of having a wireless connecting card built-in. on the contrary, older versions of laptops do not have these kinds of attributes in them.  


Now you can connect your computers that you are using within your organization. All you have to do is install the wireless network with the organization and allow the network for the number of computers and laptops to accept the prints from. Further, now you can enjoy all of your prints in no time. 

Older Printers:

To be able to connect the printer to the laptop with a wireless connection. There must be a wireless connection card required within the printer as well. if the printer is unable to connect to the laptop remotely. Then you have to get the card is installed in the printer. And these types of cards are commonly known as external cards. 

New wireless brother printers:

These new wireless brother printers are capable of connecting to the laptop, and other computer devices seamlessly because of their built-in wireless card feature. This card feature allows the printer to work in a cable-free environment. It is the best feature in terms of time, cost, and efficiency. As you don’t have to be connected to a wire to pass your prints to the printers. All you have to do is simply give the command and your print is ready.  

How To Connect Brother Printer to Laptop?

If you want to make the connection between your laptop and your brother’s wireless printer you need to create the setup. The setup process is a simple and easy process to perform. First of all, you need to have the same network which should be a wireless network. Now you need both of your devices, such as your laptop and the wireless brother printer. 

Creating Connections:

Furthermore, put them on the same system so that both devices are in connection with each other. There might be a possibility that your printer can be connected to the router with a single cable and the printer remains wireless. Through the router, you would be able to connect both the devices simultaneously. 

Printer Drivers:

In addition, download the drivers required to run the printer on the laptop. There is a strong reason for downloading these devices. If you won’t install the drivers you won’t be able to access your printer remotely. 

External connectivity:

For seamless working, there is a pre-installed card that comes with the printer for getting the printer installed and connected with the remote network. This is an easy to operate and useful feature that allows you to have your printer working for you in no time. 

Direct connectivity:

You have the right to connect the printer directly to your laptop. This can be done with a hard-line connection that within no time send your prints from your laptop to your printer. In addition, for this type of connectivity, you need an Ethernet cord that is connected to your laptop and then to your printer. 

Features of wireless brother printers:

There are a lot of features that allow you to enjoy seamless connectivity for your laptop and your printer. We have managed to elaborate on a few of the features for you to consider. Here are some of the most important features that must consider. 

Access remote network:

With this wireless remote network, you can easily connect to your printer via your laptop with a single touch. Any other device that is connected to the same network has the same operations and privileges also. 

In addition, this feature allows you to send your prints to your printer even if you are not in your office and working on some remote location at your office. Further, there is no need for the wires that need to be connected to your laptop for allowing you to send the print on to the printer. 

Multiple Users can connect:

Using this wireless connectivity technology you can now easily connect your printer and laptop to the available network of your organization. Along with this feature, you have the privilege to connect as many users to a single printer. This option gives you savings in terms of time, cost, and most of all different wires moving from one place to another. 

Furthermore, now you can connect any of the computers to your network. 

Multiple Printers Option:

Now you have the privilege to install any of the printers or if you are using multiple types of printers within your organization you can have all of them installed and ready to be used. Now you can use laser printers, thermal printers, inkjet printers, or you can use plotter printers. All of these types of printers works seamlessly with the wireless network without creating any hassle during the operations. 

Furthermore, all you have to do is to connect them with your wireless network allowing the network to recognize your printers and there you go all of your prints are ready to use and operate.


These wireless networking brother printers reduce your overall maintenance cost. As the need for your printers is reduced from multiple printers to a single printer. Thus there is no need to have the maintenance expenses for multiple printers. 


Now you save your money with this wireless remote network that allows you to send your prints. There is no need for the wires to be connected to your laptops or computers going to your printer. 

In addition, now there is no need for you to altogether purchase printers for every computer that is connected to this network. This allows you to send all the prints of your department to a single printer. Thus making that printer the master printer for your department. 


There is no need for you to install different printers for different computers using diverse platforms such as windows, Mac, Linux. There will be a single printer for every computer and laptop that supports multiple platforms. With this feature installed in your organization, all you need to send your printer to print.

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