Best Printers For College Students 2021 (Top Picks)

Are you on the hunt for a suitable printer for your dormitory or home use? Printers are a necessary part of any student’s life and this is the reason why so many products are available in the market as there is an increasing need t have the right printer by your side. Printers coming in various types and sizes and for selecting the best printers for college students in 2021 one must e anticipating the needs and budget constraints and then go up for finding the right set of features coming in a printer. But there are overwhelming options for this cause and you must go through our review article to sort your preferences and find yourself the ultimate best printers for college students 2021

Are you hurried enough to miss out on reading our entire article? Hold on here for a while and have a look at our top pick of best college printers for students. Canon Pixma MG3620 is the best contender for this choice as it is offering the users an affordable all in one inkjet printer coming with wireless connectivity and default 2 sided prints.

Best Printers For College Students 2021

if you have made up your mind for going through the complete article then it is time for you to hook up to your screens and have an in-depth review of the features and specs of the top eight printers for college students available in the market.

Best Printers For College Students

Best Printers For College Students 2021 Reviews

1- Canon Pixma MG3620

Best Printers For College Students 2021

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Canon Pixma is the leading and most reliable band when it comes to printers and on-screen projectors. The brand has an immensely popular lineup of quality and dependable products that are not only recognized by the users but are also equally praised by the critiques all across the world.


The most praiseworthy feature of this all-in-one printing machine is its wireless connectivity that is a prerequisite for college students since they have to remotely send their docs for printing either from their dormitory or class. This wireless feature allows them to send their documents from the mobile devices to WIFI compatible printers and the handouts will be there for you in the printing tray.

This is a monochromatic plus color printer and thus you will be having an all-in-one printer that is offering you the goodness of print, scan, copy, and fax and you will be able to utilize all four of these functions both with the black and white and the monochromatic prints.

This machine has a very simple and user-friendly interface and this is making it come up with an elegant touchscreen display and you will be good to go with the control menus since it is very reasonably simple and easy to operate. The printing capacity of the machine is 16 sheets per minute with the color printer and capacity is also sufficient enough with the value of 250 pages per sheet.


This amazing all-in-one printer is a multi-functional device that will let you use the print, scan, copy, and fax functions all in a single device and will prove to be a worthy and wise choice.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Space-saving design
  • Monochromatic and color printing
  • Print, copy, scan, and fax function
  • Good with WIFI only

2- HP OfficeJet 4650

Best Printers For College Students 2021

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HP is that commendable brand that is world recognized and doesn’t need any introduction since it is already all known for an amazing lineup of quality and reliable products that are hitting on all the categories of electronic home appliances. This printer is a wireless all in one printer that is coming with the most anticipated trio of the print, scan, and copy.


Starting from the outlook of the product, this printing combo is coming with a very elegant and user-friendly interface and this is compelling the users to get their hands on such an appealing device that is not all about looks but is also equally equipped for efficient and effective performance.

This is another wireless all-rounder printing machine in our list and thus there is no wonder that users will make use of the photocopier and scanning machine out of this printer. The printer is by default set at giving you the 2 sided duplex prints and thus you are good to save your pages by cutting down the demand to half.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, you can make use of the mobile pining and the cloud-based printing appliances as this printer is compatible with WIFI direct, wireless, mobile-ready, and all other wireless options like the Morpia, AirPrint, and iCloud.


HP office jet is the most reliable printer available in the market that is offering you a large touchscreen user interface and has the default duplex printing with WIFI direct and wireless connectivity.

  • Duplex printing
  • WIFI direct printing
  • Color inkjet printing
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Wireless and mobile connectivity
  • Plain paper printing only

3- Brother MFC-J491DW

Best Printers For College Students 2021

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Brother is the printing brand that has the leading numbers of the all-around wireless printers launched In the market and these are not just the numbers and sales but are representing the various needs of the users that are fulfilled in various products by the printers. This printer is another all in one item that is well known for its multi-functioning and efficient power consumption.


This brother printer is a multi-chromatic printing machine and has retained the black and white printing function as well to make it easier for the users to have an energy-efficient and affordable printing experience. This multi-chromatic printer has also a multi-functional base enabling it for copying, scanning, and faxing and these four functions are all the same in all of the multi-functional printers.

Multi-functional devices are way too better than the single functional since students are always in need of copying the handouts from their friends or scanning the id cards and all other media types to get the soft material from themselves, therefore this all-functional printing machine would be the magical item doing all of their chores.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, being a brother printer this model is compatible with all the cloud-based printing devise and mobile-ready apps for brother printers. The default printing setting is for the 2 sided duplex prints and thus will considerably save your pages.


This printer is coming with a combo of the monochromatic and color printing combo that has several dependable features making it a reliable investment for many coming years.

  • Color printing
  • Duplex prints
  • All in one function
  • Amazon dash replenishment facility
  • Mobile and wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with voice commands
  • Plain paper only

4- Epson Workforce WF-2830

Best Printers For College Students 2021

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EPSON has marked its second entry into our list of best printers for college students in 2021 and this time it has to knock harder on the door by coming up with the auto-feeding and manual feeding functions to make an overall great printer. This printer has a multi-functioning base that is aimed at all the needs a college student is supposed to encounter on its journey through student life.


Having an Epson printer is a great relief for a variety of reasons as you will be getting a lot more than just the all-around functioning that is a must art of these all-in-one devices. This printing machine is tailored for easy operation and thus allows you both manual and auto feeding capability.

Both of the feeding types have distinct speed and capacity and allows you to make use of the bulk printing and the manual slow and small scale printing depending on your needs and preferences. The automatic or by default printing is set at duplex mode and this will be giving you the 2 sided prints but if you want to have the single-sided prints you can customize it for that purpose.

The automatic feeder will be allowing a max speed of 30 pages per minute and has two distinct printing speeds one for the fast black prints of 10.3 ISO ppm prints and the second one is for color printing and this is having a speed based on 4.5 ISO ppm.


This printer is a great choice for an all-around printer for college students who are looking for a premium printing device having a plethora of features to offer its users.

  • Duplex prints
  • Fast and quality printout
  • Auto docs feeder printing upto 30 sheets
  • Automatic feeder for scanning and copying
  • Only Epson cartridges can be utilized

5- Brother MFC-J880DW

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If you are looking for a printer that is suited to wireless connections and is coming at an affordable price tag and has so many premium features to offer its users, then this is the right product for you. This brother printer has a feature enriched package that includes everything in it starting from the simplified user interface to efficient performance. 


This is another brother printer and has retained the high-end premium features of all the great printers and has a couple of add-ons to make its appearance in the market stand apart from the rest of the models coming in the market. This is a wireless printer and is also compatible with all the cloud-based printing types along with mobile connectivity.

Brother printers have their distinct printing media known as iPrint and this will allow you to save and print directly from the brother compatible applications. The most distinguishing feature of the Brother printers from the rivals is the amazon ink replenishment dash and this is to be manually enabled by the users if they want to activate the amazon toner replacement services on their device.

According to this dash replenishment amazon will continually keep track of the ink concentration and when the low level of the toner will be identified amazon will automatically order the new toner and you will be able to refill it before time preventing the mishap or irritation of not having enough ink in the toner.


There is no doubt to have the best printing performance from a brother manufacturing lineup but this printer is something else that will allow you to have the best in class printouts all thanks to its quality and reliable inkjet cartridges.

  • Default duplex
  • Easy connection
  • Amazon replenishment dash
  • Wireless all in one function
  • More consumption of Inkjet toner

6- Canon ImageCLASS MF236n

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Most of the brother and HP printers are although good with the printouts and handouts but the most common downside of these products is that they are consuming much more power and ink than the rivals and this is not a favorable thing for the students. So, if you are on a hunt for an energy-efficient printer combo then this canon image class printer would be a great and wise choice.


As we stated earlier that this printer is designed as an energy-efficient unit so it means you can utilize it with much ease and you don’t have to worry about the ink or toner reduction. This efficient ink performance will be good for the students as they are not supposed to have enough bucks for continually refilling their printer toner. 

The wireless and mobile connectivity is all here in every product on our list and this affirms the belief that wireless connections are meant to be a necessity in all the student’s pointers. The cloud-based printing options are also good to be found in all of the devices and this is a worthy mention of each product as you will be making use of your remotely saved docs in cloud servers and you don’t have to carry your PC or laptop all the time with you.

The printing speed and sheet capacity of the printer is also very praiseworthy and you will be amazed to have both the automatic feed and the manual feeder giving the best of both of these functions for swift printing action.


This energy-efficient printer is an all in one wireless printer that is allowing you to print, copy, scan, and fax your docs with neat and legible text making your handouts to stand apart from the rest of your class.

  • Cloud-based prints
  • Mobile ready printing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Sufficient capacity & speed
  • Compatible with all cloud & mobile connections
  • Only plain paper printing

7- Xerox B210DNI

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If you are looking for saving some bucks and have a very reasonably priced printer then you may be looking for the monochromatic printers and this Xerox printer is a solid member of the Xerox series that is coming as a very praiseworthy monochromatic printer and will be the all in one printer for all of your needs except for the color printing.


Most of the printing machines mentioned in our selection of best printers for college students 2021 are coming as inkjet printers and this is because they are most frequently encountered in the market and are also cheap to own. But having a laser printer is nothing less than a fashion statement for you and will be offering you a better and much more reliable printing experience.

This laser printer is monochromatic only and thus this will be retained within the budget constraints of the students who want to have the goodness of the laser printer but don’t have enough fortune to be slashed over the items. 

This laser printer is an all in one, wireless printer having mobile-ready connections and wireless connectivity and is coming with the monochromatic function only. The distinguishing addition in this printer is its LED user interface and 250 pages per minute auto-feed.


This monochromatic only printer is the best choice for those budget-ridden users who are looking for getting their hands on a reliable printing device that doesn’t demand much bucks or rather is wallet-friendly for them.

  • LED user interface
  • Laser duplex printer
  • 250 sheets manual feed slot
  • Wide variety of assortment media types
  • Monochromatic only

8- HP PageWideD3Q20A

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HP is making its entrance again in our selection of best printers for college students 2021 and this time it is more appealing and more trustworthy and this is all thanks to its feature-rich package. This printer is a combo of both monochromatic and color printer and thus will be the best choice for all of your needs and all of your scenarios.


This HP printer is the swiftest printer that is coming with the highest printing speed of 55 pages per minute and this is way too higher than the 25 or 30 pages per minute standard seed in the market. Thus this printer will be a great choice for professional purposes such as dormitory printing or the whole class printer in the lab or classroom.

Being a professional product this printer has all the premium features that are necessary for its entry into the premium world and this item has also retained the cloud-based wireless printing as well as the mobile app connectivity and is also compatible with USB type printing.

The only downside of this item could is its power consumption since it is a professional product and is built to produce the highest quality printouts, therefore, it is tailored to use more ink or energy and students will have to continually refill their inkjet and this is not a praiseworthy or affordable point from the students perspective.


This HP printer is offering you an automatic page feeder with a dependable capacity of 250 sheets and with all of its features making the users linger on with this product for many coming years.

  • Faster printing
  • 55 pages per minute speed
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Monochromatic & color printer
  • Cloud-based all-purpose functioning
  • Power consumption could be a problem

Buyer Guide: What to Look for in the Best printers for College Students 2021

If you are looking for the best printers out of so many good options available in the market then you must be familiar with the necessary features of a printer to make a wise and rightful decision. To aid you in that decision-making process we have come up with this comprehensive buyers guide, go through it to resolve your queries.

Multi-Function printing

All-purpose printers are a requirement for many different reasons but for college students, these all-in-one printers are the must-have item since they will be able to make good use out of a single device. This single device will allow them to have the goodness of a printer, scanner, photocopier, and fax machine combined. Therefore all-around multi-purpose printers must be given a try.

Speed and Capacity

After deciding on the single function of multi-function printers it is time for the users to decide on the speed and capacity of their potential purchase. The print capacity will determine how much you can print in a day, week, or month while the speed will tell you how long will it take to get your print done.


What is the best printer to buy for a college student?

Canon Pixma MG3620 is at the top of the best printers for college students in 2021 since it is an affordable yet effective option that is offering standard duplex printing along with scanning, copying, and fax functions.

Does a college student need a printer?

Yes, for sure, college students are direly in need of a printer since they have to submit the assignments and handouts of the projects as well as to have the printouts of their study material available from the net or e-books. 

Which printer brand is most reliable?

The most reliable printer brand available in the market is the Epson that is the foremost choice of the users for printers and projectors. Other than this Brothers, HP, and Canon printers are also very dependable and highly admired by the users.

What is the disadvantage of a laser printer?

The only notable disadvantage of laser printers over inkjet printers is the fact that laser cartridges will be costly alternatives to the inkjet printer toner and this is the reason why laser printers are demanding more bucks.

Which printers are most efficient on ink?

The most ink efficient printer in the market is those from the HP and Epson benchmark and the most efficient of them is the Epson Workforce pro printer along with the HP OfficeJet 4650.


If you’re on the hunt for finding the best printers for college students in 2021 then this is the list for you. We have performed extensive research to help you quickly choose the right product for your needs. Regarding the top pic, our experts have suggested one product to save you some time with the research.

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